Saturday, July 30, 2011

Victor Update

Don't know if anyone really reads this blog.  It seems like there is so much competition for our attention these days, blogs are just another thing to read. I've discovered some great ones, though.  That said, I realize I haven't said much in a while about how Victor is doing, just in case others DO check in from time to time to see about him/us.

Victor has more energy these days.  His back doesn't hurt constantly, just regularly... every couple of days, he says.  I imagine it will constantly improve as it has been doing this past month and 1/2 since he's gotten out of the hospital. 

Let's review: 
Victor had his accident: May 14th.
Victor got out of the hospital: June 13th
Victor has been home for seven weeks.

We have been so blessed by other's giving.  Just the other day, an anonymous donor put $100 in our mailbox.  A very good friend bought us a new mattress, so Victor is now sleeping on it in our bedroom. 

I have noticed that Victor is using his laptop now. He is paying bills and catching up on his emails--but don't expect one if he promised it while he was in the hospital! :D He doesn't remember much about his first 2-3 weeks there. ;D  He wants to begin working out at the gym again. (Therapy?!!)  He has driven a bit.  We have gone on out to eat as a family a couple of times.  The stimulation of a public place still weighs on him--it's hard to filter out distractions. He is beginning to cook for himself if I'm not available, and do some housework.  All good things.  Still, he is tires easily.  It's a slow road, but he's making his way. 

He has been asking questions about the accident, and has pretty much interviewed everyone that was there at the time--except of course the paramedics!  He's trying to piece everything together... The other day he mentioned wanting to go back to the hospital so he can see it from another perspective.  Being a patient was not much to his liking. 

Both Victor and I are challenged to work through issues that were perhaps easier to ignore before the accident. I call it "before the fall."  With the disruption from our daily lives of the accident--we seem to be seeing things through new eyes.

We still appreciate your prayers and encouragement!  Thanks to everyone who has rallied around us.


  1. Hi Karen,
    I think it's wonderful to record all the progress no matter how small. A small seed grows into a huge tree...leaf by leaf, stem by stem.
    We are praying for you all.
    Thanks for posting updates.
    David/ :-)

  2. Karen - thanks for posting your journey through this...I know it can't be easy. God bless you and Victor.

    - Cesie

  3. Karen, you are strong, bold and beautiful! Victor has a great gift in you!

    Tracy James :)

  4. Glad I had a chance to peek in, at the precise moment, like an answer to my thoughts. The recovery is remarkable so glad to hear of the significant strides Victor is making and that you are being encouraged in your journey with him.There is so much (challenging)change happening at once around the world and in my contacts with the local church, (certainly here in the states) there is ( I feel ) a work that God is doing in our hearts to prepare us for even greater challenges. I see the experiences of families like yours others and I am able to see God moving all of us closer to Him despite the difficulties and our shortcomings
    In His Shalom MrB & Fam