Saturday, July 2, 2011

What do you do when everything's new?

I love to cook.  My grandmother cooked the same 10 recipes or so with most things coming from a can or a box.  It was that generation, I suppose.  My mom worked and didn't cook much.  So I have to confess that Martha Stewart basically taught me to cook.  As a new wife 16 years ago, I was eager to try new things in the kitchen.  Victor liked the order of the Martha Stewart magazine and the Good Things, so we ordered the magazine.  Real Simple came next.  Dwell.  All with cool style and some great recipes.  Finally we found Everyday Food--still under Martha's eagle eye of style but with other chefs in the mix.  We have every issue of this cute, smaller magazine--I mean smaller in size--like the old Reader's Digests. 

I still like looking up recipes at the Martha website because of the zip list link.  You just  pick the meal you want from her site and it automatically adds all the ingredients on a list for you at as well as adding the recipe link to your virtual recipe box.  We've been taking Everyday Food magazine since 2003 and I can look up the recipes on line, find where they are in the magazines and not have to print out hard copies to have in the kitchen when I cook.

Ok, so because of V's nausea, it seems like he can't eat much that he used to eat.  He doesn't know what he can eat, and neither do I.  I actually started praying about  what to buy when I'm at the store.   Jesus ate fish, so I bought some (even though we haven't eaten much in a long while.) And, he actually ate it! 

At least today I got some more help directly from him.  "Comfort Food" is what he wants.  Now for me that's chocolate and PB&J.  Hardly his favorite.  This is still challenging. 

Success!  He said yes, to potato salad.  That's  his comfort food. Yay.


  1. I love Martha Stewart also. I also subscribe to the ones you mentioned. and I love the zip list I downloaded to my iPod for when I shop. I hope you get lots of readers to your bog Karen. You are a wonderful writer. Peace..from Colleen.

  2. OOPS, I should have proof read the above for spelling...better next time.