Sunday, July 24, 2011

More on Rebekah, Isaac, Jesus and You

Rebekah means Bound. Wow!   On a whim I looked this up.  If we, the church, are Rebekah, the Bride of Christ, we are bound to Him.  Awesome. 

I had wanted to write more on what I learned from the Chumash, (see last post: Isaac and Rebekah.)  It mentioned that while Rebekah approached from her camel, she inclined towards Isaac.  I see this as a picture of us as we are journeying towards Jesus, our husband. We are inclining towards Him as we worship him in both large settings and privately,  and when we read, study and pray the Word. 

I have always been a bit flustered since I heard a sermon on the word, prayer.  It means "to kiss."  Like a girl on her first date kind of flustered.  Pink cheeks, flustered.  I mean what kind of intimacy is that?  Something most of us can relate to!  Are you "praying" this intimately with Him?  Is He touching your heartstrings like a lover?  Do you feel the same intimacy with your Maker as you do your boy or girl friend, or spouse--at least in the good ol' days when you were newlyweds!  Hopefully, you are still in that wonderful stage--but I digress.

In the Chumash the commentary says, "Finally, Isaac brought [Rebekah] to his mother's tent, and there it became apparent that she was a fitting successor to Sarah, for the holy presence of Sarah returned to the tent of her son,  It was then that Isaac loved her..." 

Sarah means princess.  The Jews see her as a princess of their people...maybe more like a queen.  The Chumash seems to make her into a saint in the above quote when they talk about her "holy presence" in the tent.  A bit creepy.  Kind of like making love in your in-laws bedroom... But my point today is that Sarah does, in a sense, bequeath her royalty to Rebekah.  We, too, receive a royalty when we become a child of God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

So, whethter you are a male or female, prince or princess, we are going to wed the Prince of Peace. Shouldn't we be doing a lot of kissing?

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