Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Food Journey


BLT Salad a la Everyday Foods.  Today's "lunch", a relative term here, since it's almost 4:00 p.m. Let's see if we can avoid "complications" (read nausea) for Victor.  Bacon = turkey.  Another success!  What better comfort food than croutons made from scratch...and homemade Ranch Dressing.  It's just buttermilk, mayo, apple cider vinegar and chopped green onions.  I added a bit of sour cream for thickness otherwise it can get  watery. 

I first found this recipe in  Issue 19 of EF, Jan/Feb 2005, in their special light issue--New Year's Resolutions, you know, turn over a new leaf by quitting all the rich foods that you stuffed your face with between (if you're a mom) Halloween candy and Christmas cookies.  It's by far my most worn issue, with about 10 of my favorite recipes.  Turkey chili that uses cocoa powder and molasses--SO good.  It's the Super Bowl issue too, so there are several meals for a crowd.   

Now I just call up the recipe from my Zip List Recipe Box. My husband, Mr. Organized, knows that we save more money on buying groceries if we go with a list that was made with a menu in mind.  I pick my recipes and it automatically adds the ingredients to a shopping list that I can print and take to the store with me.  If I had a smart phone/iPad, which I don't, I could just look it up there.  Oh wait, I do have an iPhone--but I promised I'd send it back!  I will.  I haven't even turned it on or anything! But it sure is tempting! :D

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