Friday, July 1, 2011

From the Sublime to the Crime

I spent the morning at the Tabernacle Experience, taking in the symbolism and the significance of it all. 
 Prayers rise like incense.  
 My time with the Lord is tender and powerful. 
I lit the menorah. 

I took communion at the shew bread table.  Notice the stripes on the matzo; they symbolize the stripes on the true Bread of Life. Jesus bore stripes so we could be healed.  

And then, BOOM! A lady pulls in front of me from the Vanderbuilt Square parking lot this afternoon near the intersection of Holcombe and Buffalo Speedway. My first thought is, "Satan hates me."  It seems like the days I spend time praying for Israel, or doing any kind of spiritual warfare, he definitely sends attacks.   Like in 1 Peter 5:8  "Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

As soon as we pulled out of traffic (yes, the car is still drivable,) an ambulance just happened to be in a nearby parking lot.  They saw the accident, called the police for us, and checked to see if we were ok. My daughter was in the car too, but fortunately in the back.  She called her friend right after the accident.  Her friend and mom just happened to be nearby and offered to buy us lunch right near the accident scene. The lady I hit was very sweet.  She and I spoke and I'd like you to pray for her.  She was distressed that it was her fault. I definitely feel like this was a Psalm 91 experience.  The funniest part was that she asked me if my baby was ok... yup, it's time to lose weight. Even funnier is that I was flattered that she thought I looked young enough to be pregnant! 
So, here it is, my anniversary and fourth of July weekend.  I will probably spend it here, at home.  Where else can I go?  I have a healing husband and no car. 
I'm not really feeling sorry for myself.  How can I when I have such protection in the midst of strife? I will leave you with a couple more Victor pictures for my attempt at anniversary honor. 
                                    More of my house that my hubby designed and built. 
Our upstairs is down, and our downstairs is up. That means bedrooms on first floor and living spaces upstairs.  It's like a treehouse!


  1. Hello Karen...I'm so sorry you got into an accident today. But thank God you and your daughter were safe. That's what matters. I love your "tree house"! I love your post today even though you had to go through a lot. but i know God will use this to bless another. Thank you for visiting my blog site. I think God wants you to be a "Wave Walker"... I know you can!


  2. I can definitely attest to the heating up of things in our lives spiritually as we attempt to make forward progress (Jesus promised tribulation) and I can also see all things working to the good (good = His will for us) Your house is a beautiful example of the gifts God blessed Victor with, its shelter a tangible example of the covering that sustains life, its art and order - the beauty of how creation( what God designed /constructed) can be a place of emotional retreat and peace. Shalom MrB