Thursday, March 8, 2012

Japanese Garden

Now is the time to go to the Japanese Garden in Herman Park.  Everything is in bloom.  Azaleas, Camellias, Bridal Veil bushes scent wafts on the southern breezes.  Wisteria, the ubiquitous red bud, cherry and pear trees are all in bloom.  What I call "tulip trees," really a lavender cousin to the later blooming magnolia trees, are actually bloomed out--they are the first every year.
Winter is barely getting started here in Houston and spring bursts forth in February.  From here it's a down hill slope crashing into the heat of summer.  But its a fun slide if the north winds continue to blow through March and April.  Already bluebonnets are blooming around the neighborhood where neighbors have scattered the seeds back in October.
I am just thrilled whenever it rains because I know it will bring more green and more flowers.  Last summer was unbearable. But I guess not because we did bear it didn't we? Pictures to come.

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