Tuesday, February 14, 2012


There is no greater love
 than this, that a man
 lay down his life
for his friends. Thanks,
 for that Jesus
St. Valentine didn't send a
card, or buy flowers,
He lay down
his life for his Jesus.
It gave me the idea
 this Valentine's Day,

I vacuumed the hall,
washed the car, drove
carpool, made dinner
and applied for Social
Security Benefits for my son.

Was it a romantic day of love?

It was chock full of love,
not flowers, stuffed bears
hearts and cards.
I confess I did
drive dark tree-lined
to Papa John's for
a heart shaped pizza
for the kids, oh
and my mom let me
buy some candy "on her"...
but I believe today
was a milestone for me.

A day when I stopped
looking for others to
give me stuff to show
they loved me...
I simply loved.

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