Saturday, November 19, 2011

When Blogging is a Chore it's Easy to Ignore--Family Update

It has been almost 2 months since my last blog post.  School steam-rolled all over us. I taught all day Monday from 9:30 to 4:00. Wednesdays from 9 to 2. I wore the hats of soccer mom and carpool mom.  I dog-sat. I applied for jobs. I took my son to therapy...which has actually turned out to be great for both of us.  I can't stand the waiting room...a hodge-podge of couches slammed against one another in maze-like fashion a la Pac-man.  Harried women checking their smart phones and ignoring their toddlers who love to chase one another and drop goldfish on the laminate floor.

I have started walking in the nearby townhouse complex.  The courtyards are more like walkways under magnolias and sycamores with an occasional bench to stop and rest, read or pray.  Tues/Thurs from 10 to 10:45... I just love it.  God really speaks during that time.

Mark is enjoying the therapy, especially the pretty, fun therapist named "Miss Jenna".   This is a long way from the first day he went when he muttered, "I hate you," to me as she escorted him out of the waiting room. All he saw was the crazy waiting room and how he was so much bigger and older than the pre-school crowd. But 2 months later, "It's fun." They have a gym where he builds coordination and confidence.

My daughter is making great strides in high school.  It's great to see, how when your kid gets older, they actually start to do the things you've been telling them to do for years! She's studying hard, taking classes 4 days a week. I must say I am quite proud of her.  Oh sure, her room is a mess, and I have to threaten to take away her electronics (laptop, I-Touch, Smart phone) to get her to make her bed, etc. [She has more electronics than my husband and I put together.]  But well, we're struggling in science.  Now that soccer is over, with practices taking up crucial study times, I hope to see great improvement.  Oh, and she's pretty much grounded until the grades improve. (I haven't used the word "grounded," but "No sleepovers," etc. has come out of my mouth.)

And Victor?  All I can say is, "Poor Victor."  His inner ear is still bothering him.  He says it feels like there's water in there.  He doesn't hear well out of the right ear and the left ear is very sensitive to sound.  So one minute it's, "What did you say? I can't hear you!" and the next minute it's, "You're too loud, can you move back a little?"  The worst part for him is that he is nauseous ALL THE TIME unless lying down AND DIZZY.  So, poor guy, he walks around like he's on a sailing vessel. 

I've been told, and we've researched it, that there is a procedure called the Epley or Espley maneuver that can adjust your inner ear and cure the nausea.  Apparently we have crystals in a bone in the inner ear that can become dislodged.  This maneuver of the head and neck can get the crystals back where they belong and voila!  No more dizziness or nausea.  It seems to me that falling several feet onto concrete would totally shake up your inner ear. 

The specialist we went to was not as encouraging. Even though Victor is saying that sometimes his hearing is getting "a little better." Without an MRI,  the doctor can't tell much, but he thought the cochlea might be damaged and that the brain is trying to readjust. Sigh.  We are hoping the Espley whatever maneuver will be our miracle--if we can just find a doctor that has heard of it! (and takes Medicaid, of course.)  I am not ruling out a God miracle either. Praying that, for sure!

Random direction: Apples are so awesome right now.  We got a good batch of Jonagolds and are crunching away as I blog!  They are too big for the apple corers!  Victor made an apple pie "cake" that is a family favorite the other day.  It was gone in 1 and 1/2 days...yum! 

Yes, Victor is not letting any nausea or dizziness stop him from going to the gym, doing yard work, cooking, cleaning, doing wash... He is such a hard worker.  You can't tell him what to do or what not to do... it's just not something he deals with well. 

So I pray and I walk.  I go to Bible study on Tuesday evenings with my sweet friend, Brett, and am leading worship again. It's always been hard...guitar...I don't know if I'll ever feel comfortable playing solo, but the women tell me they are blessed. It's about "entering in" anyway.  Brett and I make a great ministry team.  She's a good Bible teacher. I like how she depends on the Holy Spirit and doesn't mind changing plans if God has something better. We pray for the women after or whenever the HS leads.  She has words of knowledge and I see pictures.  It's so fun to operate in the gifts every week!  If you want to come to our meeting, call me or send me a Facebook message.  (I still have a hard time using FB as a verb...)

On my walks I have been reading books by Chuck Smith, Jim Goll, Bill Johnson, Kevin Daedmon, et al. and learning how to step out in the Spirit. It all comes down to soaking in His Presence and letting Him have His way. It's the way I get through all this tough stuff.  I encourage you to turn on some spirit filled music and start soaking!  He's true gratitude in this Thanksgiving season.

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  1. Hi Karen!
    I suffer from horrible vertigo at times and feel dizzy and have that same horrible "full ear" feeling that Victor talks about. Since mine is not cause from trauma, the results may not be the same.
    I don't have insurance right now so I did a you tube search for Epley manuever. I have used the home version a couple of times and it seems to give some relief. I also have to take Meclazine(motion sickness pill but over the counter) when the dizziness gets so bad that I can only stand for short periods of time without feeling like I'm going to fall over.
    The Urgent Care doc is the one who prescribed the Meclazine. I was so happy that I could get it over the counter. A friend with horrible vertigo is the one who recommended the Epley manuever. That is how I found out it a few months back.
    Trying it at home can't hurt.
    Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.