Friday, September 16, 2011

I Don't Recommend Biopsies

Yup, got one today.  Blood taken (a breeze...) CT scan, (no prob...) but the biopsy was in a lump right below my left ear...very close if not on top of my saliva gland.  Biopsies are basically being poked with a needle at least 6 times.  Twice is to numb the area and 4 times to "fish" for cells in the lump.  The docs were nice and very chatty ladies saying encouraging things like, "You're doing so gooood!"  It was reassuring, like when you were little and you got kudos for toughing it out. 

It didn't lessen the pain though.  Oh, it wasn't that bad, but imagine you are at the dentist and he is jamming that big needle into your gums.  "It's just a little mosquito." my childhood dentist used to say to me. 
I'm thinking, "More like a wasp--or maybe just a GIANT NEEDLE."  But I digress... I felt like I was having one of those moments but on the outside of my jaw!

Ok, no more grossing out.  Truthfully, ok, more truth, cuz I haven't been lying!  I had a lot of peace today.  Trying not to think about it until it's upon you is a great strategy. Praying and worshiping also worked. But now, after the fact, my lump does ache... hoping the ache will be gone tomorrow.  Praying for the lump to disappear before they have to cut it out.  The good news is that the mass is benign; bad news is they will have to remove it or it will keep growing.  I have had it for a year and it isn't any bigger that I can tell.  Yay for that.  I'm still praying that my God will dissolve it.  Will you agree with me in prayer for that? Thanks! 


  1. had a similar experience having my cancerous hide frozen into submission ...lets have a freeze-burn party and yer buyin! Of course it was on my face so I looked like one of those dont do crack commercials by the time they were done. But like you say it's a small price to pay Regards Mrb

  2. Wow, Steve, really tough. Were you sensitive to the California sun? Skin stuff is weird. Since I had my last child, mine is blotchy... Don't know if there's a remedy for it besides expensive stuff hollywood actors do.

  3. No, not tough, You play you pay! Who knew UV damage was cumulative?! My ancestors didnt live in dark stone castles just to hide their flaming red hair and freckles. Yes skin stuff is a biological nightmare...but tolerable knowing that the God's plan includes an (excellent) upgrade. mr.b.