Thursday, June 23, 2011

Healing Husband

I love watching my husband heal.  He used to be a man of information: NYTimes, NPR, ever scrolling his iTouch.  His favorite saying that my kids quote back to him is, "I read this article..."

But with a contusion (bruised brain) this past 5 weeks, he doesn't read well right now.  Perhaps it's the dizziness, perhaps it's another aspect of the injury.  He just watches tv.  Mostly shows from when he was a kid:  Mary Tyler Moore, The Brady Bunch, The Lucy Show...  I know it's just to distract him from the pain.  When you break 10 ribs, you are in a LOT of pain. 

That's not fun to watch.  Shifting around, trying to find a comfortable position, standing, sitting, lying down, trying to break the monotony.  Too weak to go anywhere, but bored.  Needing some stimulation, but not much.  I can't fix it. 

Today I was reading blogs, trying to get an idea what's out there, what's interesting. Wanting to see designs and content.  I stumbled across some that just wrench your heart out.  Women living with debilitating diseases, a recent widow trying to celebrate Father's Day with her 2 year old, a young woman who died of cancer (her mom finished it for her.)  I was humbled. 

My husband is alive.  He may be cranky, but he will come back.  His injuries are big, but all will heal with time.  How can I mope or fret?  I love that cultural saying, "It's all good."  I'm sure it has all sorts of connotations associated with it, but for me it means more like "All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and who are called according to His purpose."

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  1. Very nice, Karen! I love the background, the feel of the blog, and most of all, the writing.